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Can Farm Wetlands in Illinois Stop a Dead Zone in the Gulf of Mexico?

Chicago Magazine, 5 June 2018

The state’s agricultural runoff is the main contributor to a New Jersey-sized swath of the Gulf in which little marine life can live. Returning small amounts of the state’s farmland to natural filters could help.

Defending the Arctic

Institute for Sustainability and Energy, May 2018

Northwestern partners with the World Wildlife Fund to protect vulnerable Arctic species.

Fighting the War Against Phosphorus

Medill Reports, 9 January 2018

Almost a year after the settlement between environmental groups and the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago, progress is inching forward in reducing dangerous levels of phosphorous in the Chicago River.

Blog Posts: Embedded reporting with NOAA's NSSL

A Ride in the P-3

Medill Reports, 1 May 2018

Huntsville, AL: Chasing tornadoes and hurricanes with an airplane reveals an unprecedented view of their reach, threat and power. But it’s a rocky ride. Medill News Service reporter and Comer Scholar Morgan Levey hopped a front row seat in the cockpit of the P-3 “hurricane hunter” as an embedded reporter with NOAA’s National Severe Storms Laboratory.

A Glimpse into the Atmosphere – Balloons Still at the Forefront of Forecasting

Medill Reports, 5 June 2018

Norman, OK: Just around the corner from the National Weather Center in Norman, Oklahoma, a small cylinder-block building with antennas and a sphere on the roof marks the site of crucial weather data collection.

Two days in the national Storm Prediction Center

Medill Reports, 20 May 2018

Norman, OK: Medill News Service reporter and Comer Scholar Morgan Levey spent two days in the NOAA Storm Prediction Center (SPC) located in the National Weather Center building in Oklahoma.

Stories from the Comer Climate Change Conference, October 2017

Reduced Snowpack Due to Climate Change Means More Water Woes for California

Medill Reports Climate Change site, 11 December 2017

For Californians reeling from the deadly fires in Northern California and the Oroville Dam crisis that displaced thousands, the record-breaking precipitation levels last year may seem like a silver lining after more than five years of drought.

Mapping the Retreat of the Ice Ages – A Family Business

Medill Reports Climate Change site, 11 December 2017

We think of rising fossil fuel use and the resulting carbon dioxide emissions as key catalysts of climate change in today’s warming world. And changes in climate throughout Earth’s history had many drivers, including geological forces, orbital cycles, ocean circulation and a litany of planetary mechanisms that happen on a microcosmic scale.

Update from the Global Engineering Trek in Sustainability: Visit to a Wind Farm

Institute for Sustainability and Energy, Sept. 2017

Heidelberg, Germany: “This is like the quintessential German scene. Cows and wind turbines,” said Matthew Grayson, the director of Northwestern Engineering Global Initiatives, while surveying a pasture of cows in Hesse, Germany.

Young Northwestern Engineers to Visit Germany for Sustainability Immersion

Institute for Sustainability and Energy, Sept. 2017

Fifteen engineering students from Northwestern University before the start of their second year are traveling to Germany in September to explore first-hand how international engineers are creating sustainable solutions to energy demands and manufacturing as part of the Germany Global Engineering Trek in Sustainability program.